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Media Production



8.5 minutes


Alexandria, MN


2019, September


Cody & Micaela Lanman


The story of your relationship is worth capturing. 

We get to work with you to capture the most important moments of you wedding day.

Before the wedding, we'll walk through the schedule and discuss what's most important to you.

Share your wedding film with friends, or keep it close in your family.

Everything is filmed in 4K, future-proofing the video with high resolution, high bit-rate video storage and encoding. 8K options available.

Booking a wedding is easy and simple. I'll guide you through it!


It only takes sending one message. When you're ready, hit the button below to write short a message. 


The only things I need are your name, the date of the wedding, and the location of the venue. From there, I will reach out to you and we'll work out the details of the day. I look forward to hearing from you.


All wedding films are shot in 4K and feature the story and most important moments of your wedding. This includes the full day of filming plus 40-60 hours of editing for the final film. The final result is a highly crafted 7-9 minute film.


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