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Media Production

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Growing up in Minnesota, I've come to believe that the people and places of this region are worth highlighting. Horizon Edge Media is a startup built from the ground up to do just that. Horizon Edge Media is based out of the Minneapolis-Rochester region, and is a multi-platform video production business.


Your life's moments and hard work have value, and are worth capturing which is why it's critical to create the best media to showcase it.

In an accelerating landscape of digital media, it takes high value cinematography and storytelling to stand out.





Matthew Eng - Founder

Media Director

Growing up as a kid in rural Minnesota, I had always loved filmmaking and storytelling. Combining those two passions during high school with the first-hand experience gained from regional business mentorships, gave me the tools I needed to launch Horizon Edge Media as a startup. Since then I've grown to deeply love working with clients and helping promote the work of  people from Minnesota and from across the country.


C.J. Washington - Creative Producer

Photo & Film Specialist

With a love of photography and a keen eye for visual style, William Washington brings photographic and editing prowess to the Horizon Edge Media team, using high-end equipment and boundless charisma. His understanding of the finer aspects of video and photographic editing lend our team a competitive edge.

Tel: 847-313-0437

Ben Martin - Cinematography Lead

Senior Videographer

An accomplished American Ninja Warrior competitor and independent cinematographer, Ben is as proficient and natural behind the camera as he is performing high-level stunts. With a special passion for training and honing his talents, Ben is an invaluable asset to the team and brings extra passion and focus to our craft.

Tel: 651-768-6002

Micah Lopez - Audio & Production Designer

Music Specialist

Using a life's worth of musical training in instrumental performance and theory, Micah is the team's resident audio and musical production expert. From his own cinematic musical compositions, to his refined ear for pitch and audio fidelity, Micah is our go-to guru for all things sound & music.

Tel: 123-456-7890

Our Approach

At Horizon Edge Media each of our team members bring together complementary skills and backgrounds, from music production to filmmaking, to web design.

With experience working for top medical manufacturers, leading YouTube channels, numerous nonprofits, and social media influencers, our team uses premiere tools of the media industry to deliver digital content that inspires and holds the attention of your audience, and presents your vision to the world.

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