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Horizon Edge Media is based out of the Minneapolis-Rochester region, and specializes in videography and photography production services for small-medium sized businesses and nonprofits to make you stand out and share your message.

On this page we have a collection of recent projects to share with you and give you a small sample of our work.


Targeted Reach


Share your message, products, and services with your audience, targeted to either local or global reach

Grow your Audience

Across organic channels and paid advertising, we have the tools to build your brand.

Hold attention

It takes more than ever to stand out. With fierce competition for eyeballs and attention online, we produce media to make you stand out from the crowd.

Improve Engagement

Increase your engagement with media that stands out from the crowd.

For the Christian Student Leadership Conference production in 2024 I flew out to Washington DC to shoot extensive photo and video production coverage across the city. This promo was filmed in the AppleProRes codec on a new Panasonic S5iiX full frame rig with a 50mm f1.8 lens and a 24-70mm f2.8 lens and features scenic locations with students over the span of the week.

Our full team worked on site to provide RELCO with their first ever production showcasing their full company. This production was shot on the Sony FX3 cinema rig and Panasonic S5iiX with our part 107 FAA licensed drone operator providing aerial coverage of RELCO's headquarter facilities while our photographer took photos of the location and workers in action to use on the client's website. We delivered a full package of material including stills, photography, a full company overview, and an additional video showcasing the company's new facilities and equipment.

Directed by Ben Martin, he captured the key interviews, locations, and moments of the How to Life Leadership Retreat. Shot in 4K on the Sony A7sIII

This spring I traveled out to Norway to film a couple of interviews and 3 terabytes of B-roll footage for an upcoming documentary. I cut portions of this B-roll footage together for this short travel video with a vintage film emulation workflow. This video was shot on S5iiX full frame rig with a 50mm f1.8 lens and a 24-70mm f2.8 lens, and an 18mm ultrawide f1.8 lens and features scenic locations across the country.

Working with clients in the medical industry with photography and videography gives unique opportunities to showcase their medical advances and the latest in patient technology to investors, patients, doctors, and OEM buyers.

Featured on Fox 9 KMSP this video production in Rochester Minnesota follows the annual Walk of Remembrance for organ transplant donors and recipients and is attended by many people and families from around southern Minnesota and Twin Cities area. Shot on Panasonic S5iiX in 4K 10 bit h.265

Some of my favorite projects have always been serving local Rochester, Minnesota businesses as a photographer and videographer. With clients like Tonna it is a great way to collaborate with the people of this community and showcase their work and specialties. The Tonna team was great to work with and showcased a variety of their services and customer testamonials in this short but impactful video. This video in particular was shot with some of my older equipment, namely my trusty GH5 which has served me well over the years but which now has taken a back seat to my much newer and more powerful camera bodies and lenses.

Licensed Drone Piloting

​Working with a licensed drone operator ensures legal compliance, high-quality footage, flight knowledge, and safety. Whether you’re in real estate, construction, weddings, or events, leveraging the latest in drone technology and skilled cinematography can elevate your business presence and marketing.

Part 107 sUAV License: A professional drone pilot with a Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAV) license has undergone rigorous training and passed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exam. This background and certification ensures they understand airspace regulations, safety protocols, and operational guidelines.

Legal Compliance: Licensed pilots adhere to legal requirements, minimizing the risk of fines or legal issues related to drone operations in U.S. airspace.

Professional Precision and Peace of Mind

High-Quality Aerial Footage and Photos

  • Precision and Creativity: Licensed drone pilots like Matt and Ben can capture stunning aerial shots from unique angles, enhancing your production quality.

  • Versatility: Whether it’s real estate, construction, or events, aerial footage adds value by showcasing properties, landscapes, or venues in an engaging way.

Building Connections

  • Real Estate: Aerial photos and videos provide potential buyers with a comprehensive view of properties, highlighting features like proximity to amenities, landscaping, and neighborhood layout.

  • Business Promotion: Show off your facilities, equipment, and new properties like never before in stunning 4K and color depth.

  • Weddings and Special Events: Aerial shots capture memorable moments, such as outdoor ceremonies, receptions, and scenic landscapes.

  • Concerts and Festivals: Drones provide dynamic footage of large crowds, stages, and performances.

  • Sports Events: Capture action shots and trainings from unique angles, enhancing sports coverage.

  • Differentiation: Businesses that incorporate drone footage stand out from competitors, showcasing innovation and grandeur.

  • Engagement: Aerial visuals attract attention on websites, social media, and marketing materials, getting you more attention from customers, buyers, and partners.

Marketing that
Sets You Ahead

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to creating high-quality, engaging videos tailored to your needs. We handle every aspect of video production, from concept development and scriptwriting to filming and post-production, ensuring your message is delivered effectively.

Video Production

Capture the essence of every moment with our photography services. Our experienced photographers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide stunning, high-resolution images for any occasion or project. We specialize in various styles including portrait, event, and product photography.


Optimize your visual content strategy with our combined services packages. Benefit from a seamless integration of video production and photography services designed to offer a comprehensive solution for all your visual content needs, ensuring consistency in quality and style.


Expand your reach further and track results by collaborating with us on setting up and managing SEO and data analytics tools to take your organization tot he next level.

Combined Services

Our Services

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Your ventures and work have value and are worth capturing and sharing with the world. In an accelerated age of digital media, we focus on creating works that are memorable and stay with the viewer to leave a lasting impression. Creating media that both grabs the viewer and holds their attention is a necessity in the current digital landscape, which is why we emphasize quality, storytelling, and an ethos of craftsmanship with every project.


We also work in data analytics and SEO services through tools like GA4, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Google Ads, Meta Business Suite, and more to give you a deep knowledge of user engagement, traffic acquisition, and how to optimize your website and social media pages for improved rankings and organic performance to drive sales and user engagement. Click or tap below to learn more:

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