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Custom Strategies Tailored to Your Goals

  1. We recognize that every business has unique objectives. Our approach begins by understanding your specific needs and aspirations. Here’s how we craft custom strategies:

  2. Goal Alignment: We align our SEO efforts with your specific business goals, whether it’s increasing sales, enhancing brand awareness, or generating leads.

  3. Competitor Analysis: By studying your competitors’ SEO tactics, we identify gaps and opportunities.

  4. Keyword Mapping: We create a roadmap of target keywords relevant to your industry and audience.

  5. Local SEO: Connecting you with nearby customers.

  6. Strategic Keyword Research: Delving deep into understanding your target audience and industry, we identify relevant keywords that resonate with potential customers.

  7. Content Optimization: Our team optimizes your website content, ensuring it aligns with search engine algorithms and user intent. We focus on factors like keyword placement, readability, and semantic relevance.

  8. Technical SEO: Fine-tuning technical aspects such as site structure, page load speed, and mobile responsiveness to enhance search engine crawlability and user experience.

  9. Link Building: Building high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites to boost your site’s credibility and authority.

  10. User Behavior Analysis: Analyzing metrics like bounce rate, time on page, and click-through rates to refine strategies and improve engagement.

How SEO Can Help Your Goals

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​For those who are new to SEO and how it works, I've condensed the big picture into the following short answers.

  1. What Is SEO?

    • SEO ensures that when someone searches for a product or service related to your business, they find your website.

    • It’s about making your site more attractive to search engines, particularly Google which makes up 97% of all search queries online

  2. How Does SEO Work?

    • Search engines analyze dozens of factors like title tags, keywords, image tags, internal links, and backlinks.

    • They also consider site structure, visitor behavior, and external factors to determine rankings.

  3. Why Is SEO Important?

    • Visibility: Higher rankings mean more visibility, leading to increased organic traffic.

    • Conversions: Improved SEO drives more conversions, customers, and revenue.

What is SEO and how does it affect my business or nonprofit?

Tools and Services: In SEO the right tools make all the difference. We help match you with powerful SEO tools like seoClarity, Surfer, Semrush, and Ahrefs for AI-driven insights, content optimization, rank tracking, and competitor research.

Tools & Services

Your time is valuable. That's why we simplify the complex SEO process by providing clear consultancy, the option for continuous reports, actionable recommendations for your business, and the option for continuous monitoring, making a notoriously challenging process more efficient for you and your team.

Streamlined Process

Our focus is on achieving tangible outcomes—increased visibility, organic traffic, and conversions. We’re committed to driving real business & targeted growth through effective SEO strategies. We modify our strategies to adapt to algorithmic updates and consumer behavior.

Results-Driven Approach

Our Services

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​There's a lot of talk about data analytics and the all-important buzzword phrase "data-driven results" so how can this help you achieve your goals in a tangible way?

  1. Why Is Data Analytics Important?

    • Efficiency: Identifies bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

    • Cost Reduction: Streamlines operations and resource utilization.

    • Performance Metrics: Measures success and guides strategy.

Data-Driven Decision Making with GA4

  1. Our secret weapon? Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Here’s how we use it:

  2. User Behavior Insights: GA4 provides granular data on user interactions, allowing us to optimize user journeys.

  3. Conversion Tracking: We track conversions—whether it’s a purchase, form submission, or sign-up.

  4. Performance Metrics: GA4 helps us measure success and adjust strategies.

  5. How We Work with Businesses:

    • We analyze data related to your processes, resource allocation, and performance metrics.

    • We connect you with the best tools for your needs.

    • We work with your developers to integrate tracking, optimization, and performance tools.

    • We identify areas for optimization and cost reduction.

    • We ensure your website and data are efficient and user-friendly.

Data Analytics

Reach New Heights

Start a conversation about SEO & Data

Learn what your current traffic levels and patterns are, and what is driving users towards or away from your content.

Understand Your Performance

By analyzing competitor SEO tactics, we can identify gaps and opportunities. Understand what keywords they target, their content approach, and their content strategies.

Learn from Your Competitors

In the medium-long term, benefit from increased traffic flow as your improved pages draw in more users through organic means and experience the benefits of compounding growth and site authority.

Build Passive Growth

Identify issues, receive actionable insights, and implement changes that enhance user experience. A seamless, efficient website is integral to retaining visitors and converting leads.

Identify Web Issues
About the Team
Matthew Eng
Owner, Data & SEO Specialist

Growing up in rural Minnesota, I always loved filmmaking and storytelling. Combining those two passions with first-hand experience gave me the tools I needed to launch Horizon Edge Media as a startup.


In my position at a prior company, I worked exclusively in SEO & Data Analytics, bringing an ecommerce platform that was bleeding traffic & revenue back to growth and financial success. Now I work with clients to develop their data awareness and grow their web presence. 



Benjamin Martin
 Cinematographer and Colorist

An accomplished American Ninja Warrior competitor and independent cinematographer, Ben is as proficient and natural behind the camera as he is performing high-level physical stunts. With a special passion for training and honing his talents, Ben is an invaluable asset to the team and brings extra passion and focus to our craft. His training in the nuances of color science with  Davinci Resolve Studio enables us to showcase events, people, and products at a

William Washington
Creative Producer

With a love of photography, video production, and a keen eye for visual style, William Washington brings photographic and editing prowess to the Horizon Edge Media team, using high-end equipment and boundless charisma. His understanding of the finer aspects of video and photographic editing lend our team a competitive edge. But more than that, his ability take highly creative concepts from ideation to delivery is an irreplacable asset.

Micah Lopez
Audio Engineer

Using a life's worth of musical training in instrumental performance and theory, Micah is the team's resident audio and musical production expert. From his own cinematic musical compositions, to his refined ear for composition and audio fidelity, Micah is our go-to guru for all things sound & music. Micah exemplifies the team's values of reliability, commitment, and craftsmanship.

Jennifer Lund

Wedding and Event Specialist

A professional wedding photographer who has worked in events and hosting, Jennie Lund brings the best of both natural talent and experience, giving her a natural ease and grace in capturing spectacular photographs of individuals, couples, and groups at weddings and events.

Jayden Watts

Full Stack Web Developer

My passion lies at the crossroads of technology and people. I am a Full Stack Developer specializing in Front End Technologies including HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, node.js, Figma and React. In May 2021, I graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Continuing & Professional Studies with a Certificate in Full Stack Web Development.  I graduated with a B.A. in Business: HR in May 2021

- Jayden

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Our Approach

In cooperation with each of our team members bring together complementary skills and backgrounds, from music production to filmmaking, to web design.

With experience working for medical manufacturers,  YouTube channels, nonprofits, and social media influencers, our team uses premiere tools of the media industry to deliver digital content that inspires and holds the attention of your audience, and presents your vision to the world.

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Turning your website into your top business asset

It's easy to view your website as an obligation, a chore even. Something which needs to be updated from time to time so it doesn't look dated but ultimately feels like an obligation without clear measurable returns in  areas such as user engagement, leads, and client purchases.


With intentional design decisions, implementation of a measurable SEO strategy, and the right analytics tools, your website can grow to become your number one asset for revenue growth and customer engagement, with passive growth built into your model.

Unlike distant or foreign development firms with communication barriers and clashing time zones, we specialize in our services as local Minnesota website developers with coordinated SEO and video and photo production in the Rochester Minnesota area

Web Development

Whether starting from scratch or choosing to update, web Development is all about building and updating your website into a platform with the information, services, and content to bring in your target audience, connect them with what they are seeking, and grow your conversions. Here are 5 key benefits

  1. Visibility and Reach: A professionally developed website improves your visibility. It helps you reach a wider audience, including those who search for products or services online. Without a website, you miss out on valuable opportunities.

  2. Credibility: A polished website builds credibility. Customers often judge a business based on its online presence. A professional site conveys trustworthiness and competence.

  3. Customer Engagement: An interactive website engages visitors. You can showcase your products, share valuable content, and interact with customers through features like chatbots or contact forms.

  4. Competitive Edge: In a competitive market, a well-crafted website sets you apart. It allows you to highlight unique selling points, showcase testimonials, and demonstrate expertise.

  5. Sales and Conversions: A user-friendly website increases the chances of conversions. Whether it’s an e-commerce platform or lead generation, a seamless experience encourages users to take action.

Web Assets & Content

Web assets and content are the substance of your website that your users will be remembering. Here are five reasons why website content and assets such as photography and videography are crucial for a business through their website

  1. Credibility: High-quality visuals enhance your organization’s credibility. A well-designed website with compelling images and videos reassures visitors that you’re a legitimate business.

  2. Brand Showcase: Content assets allow you to showcase your brand identity, values, and uniqueness. Clear visuals communicate who you are, what you represent, and why customers should choose you over competitors.

  3. Lead Generation: When people find you online, they can learn about your products or services, increasing the chances of conversion. 

  4. Storytelling: Videos and visuals tell powerful stories. Share your company’s journey, product benefits, or behind-the-scenes glimpses. Authentic storytelling resonates with audiences and fosters emotional connections.

  5. SEO Benefits: Transcripts for videos improve accessibility and SEO. Search engines can index the content within videos, enhancing your website’s visibility. Additionally, YouTube, as a video platform, offers a vast audience and potential traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the long-term fuel for passive outreach, allowing you to use keywords, copy, and other technical dimensions of website status to rank highly and get clicks on the right searches.

  1. Organic Search: SEO drives organic website traffic, making it a primary source for users to find your business online.

  2. Credibility: High search visibility builds trust and credibility with potential customers.

  3. Cost-Effective: SEO offers long-term benefits without high advertising costs.

  4. Competitive Edge: Outranking competitors in search results boosts brand visibility.

  5. Evergreen Strategy: SEO creates a sustainable marketing approach that adapts over time

Data Analytics

Knowledge is power, but it's also the foundation of measuring your markers of success and revenue.

  1. Understand User Behavior: Web analytics provides insights into how visitors interact with your site. You’ll learn where they land, which pages they visit most, and the actions they take. 

  2. Improve Search Engine Rankings: By analyzing website data, you can enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Understanding user behavior allows you to organically reach your audience without relying solely on expensive paid ads.

  3. Refine Marketing Strategies: You’ll discover what content users engage with and what draws them in, enabling you to create more effective marketing materials.

  4. Increase Conversions: If your goal is to boost online conversions, web analytics is essential to know what led to your conversions and how to design for users.

  5. Optimize User Experience: These tools help identify areas for improvement, ensuring a better overall experience for visitors to improve ROI.

Our Services

The Four Pillars of Building Growth from your Website

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